Ale to the Chief Photo

Ale to the Chief

  • Still Thirsty?
  • Presidential Pale Ale
  • 8.1% ABV

​Originally brewed to celebrate Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009, we elected to give Ale to the Chief a second term to commemorate the 2012 election!​ ​Not an “Imperial” pale ale, this is a democracy. It’s Presidential! Take the all-American pale ale, a bipartisan blend of malt and hops, increase both to Avery Brewing standards, and then, of c​​ourse, dry hop the result with that most quintessential of American hops, Cascades, and you get this…a brew worthy of the Oval Office!


  • Every 4 Years
  • 22 oz Bottle
  • 5.16 gal keg
  • 15.5 gal keg