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El Gose

  • Year Round Brews
  • Session Sour Ale with Limes and Sea Salt
  • 4.5% ABV

A timeless, traditional tart gose (goes-uh) with its zesty and salty disposition is brightened by a tangy citrus twist. Inspired by love for a certain beachside brew with lime sipped by the salty ocean side, El Gose is the love child of a Mexican Lager and a German Gose; a 500 year old beer style originating from small town of Leipzig, Germany. The traditional Gose has a hint of salinity from the salty Gose River and a spark of tart from spontaneous fermentation. Our El Gose pays homage to the Gose tradition by adding sea salt and lime for a tart and refreshing sour ale. A bier for every dia!


  • 6-Pack Cans
  • Descriptors

    • Sour
    • Sessionable
    • Citrusy
  • Malt Varieties

    • Acidulated
    • Wheat
    • 2-Row
  • Yeast Varieties

    • London Ale
  • Hop Varieties

    • Sterling
  • Dry Hop Varieties

    • N/A
  • El Gose Hop Driven Chart

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  • El Gose Malt Forward Chart

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  • El Gose Yeast Centric Chart

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  • El Gose Beyond Reinheitsgebot Chart

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Home Brew Recipe

Recipe is scaled for 5–Gallon Batch Production






40% Pale Malt, 55% White Wheat Malt, 5% Acidulated Malt


0.5 oz Sterling (6.9% AA) @ 60 mins


1.0 oz Lime Zest @ Flame Out


Wyeast 1056 American Ale. Ferment at 68F and turn up to 71.5F @ 1.016 SG for diacetyl rest then crash to 32F at 1.007 SG

Post Fermentation Adjuncting

0.24 oz Sea Salt, 5.0 oz Fresh Lime Juice or Lime Juice Concentrate

It's my everyday, 6-pack sour.

Adam Avery • President & CEO