Tangerine Quad Photo

Tangerine Quad

  • Still Thirsty?
  • Bourbon Barrel-Aged Belgian Style Quadrupel
  • 10.1% ABV

Patiently aged in the finest of Bourbon barrels, this bold Belgian-style Quadrupel layers notes of rich, dark fruit, vanilla, and caramel with a burst of tangerine peel culminating in the vibrancy of this full-bodied creation.


  • 22oz Bottle
  • 5.16 gal keg
  • Descriptors

    • Vibrant
    • Oak
    • Citrusy
  • Malt Varieties

    • Cara-20
    • Special B
    • Cara-45
    • Dark Candy Sugar
    • Aromatic
    • 2-Row
  • Yeast Varieties

    • Westmalle Belgian Ale
  • Hop Varieties

    • Sterling
  • Dry Hop Varieties

    • N/A
  • Tangerine Quad Hop Driven Chart

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  • Tangerine Quad Malt Forward Chart

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  • Tangerine Quad Yeast Centric Chart

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  • Tangerine Quad Beyond Reinheitsgebot Chart

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Suggested Pairings

Grilled Pork Chop with Dill Mustard Brussels Sprouts

The fragrant citrus and nutty malt notes of this Belgian Quad harmonize perfectly with the lean and smokey meat of grilled pork chops.

An experience that I can only describe as the perfect Old Fashioned.

Patrick Combs • Avery's Mad Sensory Scientist