The Beast Photo

The Beast

  • The Demons of Ale
  • Grand Cru
  • 16.8% ABV

The Beast is a seducer—accommodating, complicated, powerful, dark, unfiltered and created to last the ages. Beyond this, it’s futile to describe him. He will unveil himself differently to each of his followers. The mark is in his constitution.


  • Seasonally August through September
  • 12 oz Bottle
  • 5.16 gal keg
  • 15.5 gal keg
  • Descriptors

    • Caribbean Rum
    • Complex
    • Powerful
  • Malt Varieties

    • Special B
    • Roasted Wheat
    • Aromatic
    • Honey Malt
    • Wheat
    • 2-Row
  • Yeast Varieties

    • Westmalle Belgian Ale
  • Hop Varieties

    • Hersbruker
    • Sterling
    • Styrian Goldings
    • Columbus
    • Bravo
    • Bullion
  • Dry Hop Varieties

    • N/A
  • The Beast Hop Driven Chart

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  • The Beast Malt Forward Chart

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  • The Beast Yeast Centric Chart

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  • The Beast Beyond Reinheitsgebot Chart

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Suggested Pairings


Our brisket is smoked low and slow, giving it a beautiful roast flavor that pairs great with the complex rum notes of this Beast.

The Beast is my favorite because the taste and the name matches how it ends up making me feel.

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