Ales of Antiquity Dinner: Monastic Beers

  • Avery Brewing Co.
  • Jan 10th
  • 7:00pm

Join Beer Archaeologist Travis Rupp as he presents on two monastic inspired ales. In 2017 Travis traveled to Nursia, Italy and spent time with the monks at St. Benedict Monastery. Travis worked with them to explore ancient recipes and ingredients. Benedictus and Nursia are inspired by his research and the ancient tradition of brewing in monastic settings. Benedictus is a Celia-style beer. This is a gruit style beer, so no hops were used. Blond in color with a hint of smoke, and filtered through straw, there is a slight fruit/spice complex derived from the yeast. The yeast for this brew was procured via Travis's travels and stay with monks. The spice complex for the gruit is a blend of lavender, juniper, wormwood, marjoram, bay leaf, and rosemary. In antiquity, this beer was intended for guests visiting or traveling through the monastery. Nursia is a Cervisa-style beer. The spice complex for this gruit is a blend of star anise, caraway, cracked ginger, and spruce tips. This was the drink of the brethren. Monks consumed this beer regularly throughout the day during work and meals. Enjoy a bite of Umbria-inspired food with these beers! A shared, family-style meal will give you the experience these beers intended- community gathering to share in good cheer! Menu details to come. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. Tickets are $40/person in advance and includes food and beer pairings. Call 303-440-4324 for more information about this special event.

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