Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

We are aware of the concerns for privacy on the Internet. We intend to protect your privacy in two ways:

Sharing of Your Personal Information

Personal information about you that either you voluntarily provide or that the technologies of the Internet allow us to gather will only be used internal to our company. We will not provide or share your specific, personal information with third parties. However, we may share composite, summery information gathered on this website provided there is no way you can be personally identified as a result of sharing such composit information.

Internal Use of Your Personal Information

We will use your personal information that you voluntarily provide on this website only to process orders or to determine better ways to serve you without violating your trust with respect to the “Sharing” provision above. Regarding emails that we send to our customers: we understand that your email in-boxes are often full and that some of you use pagers and cell phones to retrieve your email. As such, unwanted or unrequested emails can cause increased costs to you. If we send you any information by email about our products or services, they will come to you only under one of the following two conditions:

  1. You have opted into a list by indicating your desire to receive a series of ongoing emails and that you have responded to a follow-up email confirming your intent to receive such a series of ongoing emails. Please note that your request of one specific email response from us will not be followed by a confirmantion email.

  2. You have given your email address to us on this website and at a later time we wish to begin sending you information about our products or services. We will begin sending such emails only after sending you a confirmation email that you must respond to in order to begin receiving our informational emails. If you do not respond to the confirmation email you will not receive the informational emails from us. We will not place the burden on you to opt out of an ongoing series of emails.

Use of This Website

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