Draft and Food Menus

Draft and Food Menus

Updated September 2023

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  • Little Rascal 4.5% ABV

    Session belgian-style white ale with lemon.
    Add a little mischief to your day!
    $6.5/pint   $2.5/5oz    Growlers: $7/32oz  $11/64oz

  • Island Rascal 5.4% ABV

    Adding tropical island flair to a traditional witbier and erupting with monumental passion fruit aroma and acidity. 
    $7/pint   $3/5oz    Growlers: $8/32oz  $13/64oz

  • White Rascal Belgian-Style White Ale 5.6% ABV

    Unfiltered witbier spiced with coriander and orange peel.
    $6.5/pint   $2.5/5oz    Growlers: $7/32oz  $11/64oz

  • Guest Tap: Prost Pilsner 4.9% ABV

    German pilsner from our friends at Prost.
    $7.5/pint   $3.5/5oz    no growlers


  • Clear Horizons 7.1% ABV

    This crisp IPA boasts brilliant clarity with a vibrant blend of tropical hop flavor, and a perfectly balanced bitterness. Dry-hopped with Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic, and Strata.
    $8/pint   $3.5/5oz    Growlers: $9/32oz  $15/64oz

  • Nomadic Dreamer 6.7% ABV

    Deeply hazy, New England-style IPA  with the aromas and tastes of orange and mango, and a tranquil hop finish.
    $8/pint   $3.5/5oz    Growlers: $9/32oz  $15/64oz

  • Patrol Dog Pale 5.7% ABV

    An American pale ale dry hopped with amarillo and comet. Avery  is a proud partner of the National Ski Patrol. A portion of proceeds will support avalanche rescue dog programs 
    across the country.
    $7/pint   $3/5oz    Growlers: $8/32oz  $13/64oz

  • Avery IPA 6.5% ABV

    Citrusy and floral with a dry finish. Hop freaks unite!
    $7/pint   $3/5oz    Growlers: $8/32oz  $13/64oz

  • Maharaja Imperial IPA 10% ABV

    Imperial IPA. Malty, hoppy, bitter and dry finish.
    $8/10oz   $4/5oz    Growlers: $11/32oz  $19/64oz

  • Majestic Voyage 9.2% ABV *NEW RELEASE

    Imperial IPA with balance of lush tropical juiciness and bold, complex hop character. Dry-hopped with Azacca and 
    Experimental hops.
    $8/10oz   $4/5oz    Growlers: $11/32oz  $19/64oz

  • DDH Maharaja 10% ABV *NEW RELEASE

    Double dry-hopped version of our favorite imperial IPA.
    $8/10oz   $4/5oz    Growlers: $11/32oz  $19/64oz


  • Ellie's Brown Ale 5.5% ABV

    Brown sugar maltiness with hints of vanilla and nuts.
    $6.5/pint   $2.5/5oz    Growlers: $7/32oz  $11/64oz

  • Latte On My Mind 6.5% ABV

    coffee stout bursting with roasted espresso, a rich, flavorful malt character, and the soothing sweetness of vanilla. 
    *contains lactose
    $8/pint   $3.5/5oz    no growlers - cans available

  • The Reverend Belgian-Style Quad 10% ABV

    Complex creation with hints of dark cherries and molasses. 
    $8/10oz   $4/5oz    Growlers: $11/32oz  $19/64oz

  • Tweak 13.1% ABV *NEW RELEASE

    After 5 long years, our favorite beer is back! Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with locally roasted coffee from the Coffee Ride.
    $8/5oz   $4/2.5oz    no growlers – bottles available

  • Thirty 15% ABV *NEW RELEASE

    Avery’s thirtieth anniversary beer. Strong ale aged in Stranahan’s Colorado whiskey barrels with a hearty dosing of hops.
    $9/5oz   $5/2.5oz     no growlers - limited release


Avery's Innovation Brewing System

  • Vamos Red Lager 4.5% ABV *NEW RELEASE

    A German lager with rich, toasty malt flavor and restrained floral hops. A portion of proceeds will go to the sustainability initiatives of the Boulder County Latino Chamber of Commerce. 
    $8/pint   $3.5/5oz    Growlers: $12/32oz  $22/64oz

  • Dirty Bastard 7.7% ABV *NEW RELEASE

    A collaboration batch of Founders  2023 World Beer Cup silver medal award winning scotch ale. Brewed on Avery’s pilot system. Ain’t for the wee lads.
    $7/pint   $3/5oz    no growlers - limited release

  • Space Coyote Pale Ale 5.3% ABV *NEW RELEASE

    Wet hop pale ale with Comet and Chinook hops from Billy Goat Hop Farms. A crushable beer for the end of Summer. 
    $8/pint   $3.5/5oz    Growlers: $15/32oz  $30/64oz

  • Bobcaygeon 5.8% ABV

    American wheat beer with hop terpenes.
    $7/pint   $3/5oz  Growlers: $10/32oz  $17/64oz


  • Into the Void 5.1% ABV

    Matt Roedig’s schwarzbeir
    $7/pint   $3/5oz    no growlers - limited release


  • Electric Sunshine 5.1% ABV

    Tart ale infused with papaya, pineapple, kiwi, and huckleberry. Deliver a satisfying zap to your taste buds!
    $7/pint   $3/5oz  Growlers: $8/32oz  $13/64oz

  • Bug Zapper 5.4% ABV *NEW RELEASE

    Sour ale with mint, ginger, and lime.
    $8/pint   $3.5/5oz    no growlers - limited release

  • Rotating Barrel-Aged Sour

    We pulled a few vintage sours from our cellar for GABF! 
    Ask us about what is currently on tap!
    $9/5oz   $5/2.5oz     no growlers - limited release



  • Grapefruit Sparkle 5% ABV

    Gluten Free

    All-natural hard seltzer with grapefruit. Gluten Free!
    $6.5/pint  $2.5/5oz  no growlers 


  • Hop Water 4

    Infused with talus hops, bubbles. 0.0% ABV

  • Mor Kombucha 6

    Cherry Limeade, Mojito, Prickly Pear

    $6/12oz can

  • Boylan Craft Soda 3.5

    black cherry, cola, diet cola, root beer, lemonade *free refills

  • Tea Spot Unsweetened Iced Tea 3

    *free refills

  • Tea Spot Hot Tea 3

    Ask your server for our current flavors.

No separate checks for parties of 10 or more. We are happy to split your check evenly. 

    • Gluten Free Gluten Free
    • Vegetarian Vegetarian
    • Contains Nuts Contains Nuts