We’re more than a bunch of pretty pictures.

  • Meet Little Rascal: A Session Belgian-Style White Ale

    Introducing our newest rascal! Little Rascal is a session Belgian-Style White Ale with bright, citrusy lemon notes. Welcome to the lighter side of mischief!

  • A Bird's Eye View of Avery Brewing

    And by bird we mean drone. We can't get over how lucky we are to have built our dream brewery in this beautiful hometown of ours! Flown and produced by Local Eyes.

  • Profile in Adventure with Adam Avery

    Our Founder and CEO went from sharing his homebrew with his climbing partners to becoming a cutting-edge brewmaster. Here Adam reflects on the correlations between climbing, entrepreneurship, and "doing things the way you want to do it." Featured on Outside and produced by Off the Map Media.

  • The World of Sour Beer with Avery, New Belgium and Oud Beersel

    The world of sour beers is huge and still expanding. Production, categorization, and pricing are all evolving. Education is more important than ever. Andy Parker of Avery, Lauren Salazar of New Belgium and Gert Christiaens of Oud Beersel discuss styles and differences of sour beer from inoculation to fermentation to taste.

  • Drinking with Adam Avery and Andy Parker in the Avery Alley

    Our Chief Barrel Herder loses in a staged game of giant Jenga. Drinking ensues. Featured on Travel Channel and hosted by Ryan Van Duzer. Produced by Passerby Films.

  • Walk Down Memory Lane: Back when Hog Heaven was a Barleywine

    1998 - ​Hog Heaven debuts as ​a ​Barleywine. 2004 & 2007 - ​​Wins medals in Imperial Red category. ​2012 - Adam Avery films this video in the Avery Alley. ​2016​ -​ ​Hog Heaven finally finds itself as the Imperial Red IPA​ it was born to be​. Same dankness, same caramel backbone, same recipe, new identity.